MAN Dik Sum 文迪心, born in Hong Kong, began her career in advertising, went on with jewelry design and media art. In 2017, she graduated from her MA in film directing. She concerns about the issues surrounding gender, racial and political minorities in her works, which range from fiction, video art, documentary to music video. 

Dik Sum offers services including music video, directing, story-writing, casting, editing, sound design and set design. For more info, please email:





Polar Bear (2019): work-in-progress
Short film: Writer/ Producer/ Director

Umleitung (2018)
Short film: Writer/ Producer/ Director
“The Best Short Film” Award of Shorties Film Festival 2018;
Selected by:
Shorties Film Festival 2018 (Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore), International LGBTQ Coventry Film Festival 2018 (UK), Berlin Short Film Festival 2018 (Germany), Asian American International Film Festival 2018 (New York, USA), GRRL HAUS CINEMA Festival 2018 (Berlin, Germany), GRRL HAUS CINEMA Festival 2018 (New York, USA), Festival Internacional de Cine – Outfest (Santo Domingo), Boddinale Film Festival 2019 (Berlin, Germany)         

Can’t Buy Me Love (2017) for Kan of Finland               
Music Video: Writer/ Producer/ Director 

Tango (2017)
Dance Film: Writer/ Producer/ Director

The Teachings (2016)
Video Art: Writer/ Producer/ Director 

Checkpoint Ali (2016)
Short Film: Writer/ Producer/ Director

Short Cuts (2016)                                                     
Directing Experiment: Director

A Day with Jimmy Choi (2012) 
Dokumentary: Co-directed/produced with Jaye Chan, camera, sound recording

Tiananmen (2010)
Video & Happening Art
Selected by CYNETART,Dresden, Germany                                           




Trailer of "Umleitung" (Detour) (2018)

"Kant Buy Me Love" Music Video


"Tango" Dance Film (2018)

Excerpt from "Tiananmen 61"

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